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Sway Stories

Play as an up-and-coming social influencer in Sway Stories, the first game for TikTok, created in partnership with Sway House influencers Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards. Discover new friends, romance, and the surprising reality of the influencer lifestyle as you build your following and party with the Sway House crew.

Sway Stories

Heads Up!

“Heads Up!” is a new version of the hit game built from the ground up for Zoom. Give clues to the player including a secret word, phrase, name, etc., and do whatever you can to get the guesser to say the word! Once time runs out, all words will be revealed and a new guesser will be randomly selected!

Ask Away

Ask Away is the first ice-breaker game built for Zoom! Foster team morale and attendance in the minutes before a meeting with thousands of quirky and delightful questions designed to get conversations started! Who knows you best? Who’s got a few surprises in store? Find out with Ask Away!

The Walking Dead Life

Survive the world of The Walking Dead with your friends! Immerse yourself in maps, plots, and twists straight from the award-winning series. Experience scenes like Rick’s Hospital Room, The Gas Station, and more in a brand new way. With new territories added regularly, you’ll never run out of areas to explore! Who would you invite to your camp? Play instantly with just one click.

The Walking Dead Life

Facebook Messenger
Trip Royale

Travel to 47 prefectures and famous places across Japan while collecting local specialties! Spin the roulette wheel to get coins and attack chances, and compete with your friends and other players! Expand your maps and conquer Japan before anyone else!


Join the Guardian and his dragon sidekick in a vertical scrolling shooter as they battle hordes of monsters and bosses to reclaim their kingdom!

Snake Squad

Slither through space as a cosmic snake collecting dots to outgrow and outlast your fellow reptilian opponents! Build your squad to boost your odds or go head to head against your friends! Test your skills and compete to be the sole survivor in this fun, new twist on a classic game!

Cat Life

Collect different cat breeds while winning coins, collectible cards, and other prizes by spinning the Cat Wheel. Prepare to discover and build over 100 unique rooms and raid your friends’ cat rooms for coins and buried treasure. You can compete in dozens of fun tournament-style events including the Tasty Tuna Tournament!

Thug Life

Find yourself immersed in unique maps, plots, and twists while leveling up territories and growing your empire in friendly competition with your friends and other players. New territories are added regularly so you can continue exploring areas including The Secret Motel, The Hacker Garage, and more.