Playco, Global Leader in Instant Games, Acquires Goodboy Digital, Creators of PixiJS, the Number One HTML5 Game Engine

Playco Official Press Release
Sep 28, 2021

Playco Further Positioned to Lead Bold Future of Web-Based Gaming with Best in Class Gaming Content and Experiences for all Social Platforms

Playco, the world’s largest and most successful instant game developer, is announcing the acquisition of Goodboy Digital (Goodboy), the UK-based developer who created the PixiJS game engine and is known as a global thought leader in HTML5 technologies and game design. The acquisition strengthens Playco’s hand as the leading web-based video game developer by adding world-class technical and creative talent. Goodboy, including Mat Groves, the Technical Partner and the creator of PixiJS, and John Denton, Creative Partner,  join Playco to help continue charting the future of instant gaming with cutting-edge gaming experiences.

PixiJS is an open source ‘Game Creation Engine’ built to empower developers and companies around the world to make HTML5 applications that look and feel as quality as native content.  PixiJS’s best-in-class performance and powerful, intuitive APIs have made it the industry standard for HTML5 game creation.  Goodboy Co-Founder and creator of PixiJS, Mat Groves, and his team, will be bringing their experience and insights as leading PixiJS contributors to Playco, a move that will turbo charge the open source project - a win not just for Playco, but for the entire PixiJS community.

“From the very outset, it was clear that the synergy between Goodboy and Playco was irresistible. We’ve both arrived at the same point on the map via different routes, but we share the belief that HTML5 will usher in a new era of social, connected play. Creating games specifically designed to bring friends and families closer together is more than a business opportunity, it’s a chance to do something genuinely meaningful,” said Goodboy Co-Founder Mat Groves.

Since its founding in September 2020, Playco has enjoyed several hit games on the world’s largest social media platforms. Goodboy will help to expand Playco’s portfolio of top-performing instant games by leveraging deep technical and creative excellence in 2D and 3D formats. Audiences on platforms like Facebook, LINE, Snap, Zoom, and Tiktok can expect even more exciting, interactive experiences that look and feel amazing.

“We’re thrilled to have Goodboy teaming up on Playco’s mission to bring people together through play.  Their elegant solutions to difficult technology problems translate into rich gaming experiences that delight users.” said Playco CEO, Michael Carter. “As a long-time contributor to open-source projects, I’m excited to see Mat and team continue their commitment to making the open-source PixiJS platform more powerful and the Pixi community more vibrant.”

About Playco:

Playco is the world’s first instant gaming company, whose mission is to bring the world closer together through play. Playco partners with leading social and communications platforms to create innovative game experiences for players, including the global hit EverWing on Facebook, Sway Stories on Tik Tok, the smash hit Heads Up!, created in partnership with Ellen Digital, for Zoom, Snake Squad on Snap Games and Trip Royale on LINE Messenger, launched in partnership with soccer superstar Keisuke Honda and his educational non-profit, NowDo. Playco recently completed a $100 million Series A fundraise which was co-led by Josh Buckley and Sequoia Capital Global Equities and included Will Smith’s Dreamers VC and Walter Kortschak. Playco has offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Seoul. Learn more at

About Goodboy:

Goodboy Digital is digital play production partner for global clients.  They are the creator of PixiJS, the global standard for 2D HTML5 game creation which boasts over 16 million developer projects that have generated consumer interactions estimated at more than one trillion. They produce premium quality interactive experiences, including HTML5 games, that reach audiences on all platforms. Meaningful connections between brands and engaged consumers, wherever they are, however they connect.  Goodboy has for many years created world-class creative and gameplay experiences for global media brands like PBS, BBC, Nickelodeon and more.

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